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Olliance Online Community Webinar

This post originally appeared on the Olliance Group blog and is reposted here.

billdawnI am excited to announce that our first Olliance webinar will be on the topic of Online Communities: The “Secret Sauce” for Today’s Competitive Businesses. On November 17th, I will be leading a discussion about defining your online community strategy, best practices for participation, and effective community content planning.

I am delighted to be joined by Bill Johnston, Chief Community Officer at Forum One, who will be sharing some research data and insights about effective online community metrics and reporting along with extending your community using social media strategies.

Attendance is limited, so please Register Now.


Date: Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Time: 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern
Cost: Free

More Details

Learn how top organizations are incorporating community into their strategic and tactical plans. The adoption of social networks, user forums, and message boards has never been higher, and today’s top-performing enterprises are finding ways to leverage this. The webinar will introduce you to many essential concepts:

  • defining your online community strategy
  • the right and wrong way to engage and participate in online communities
  • running an effective beta program with seeded content
  • effective content planning
  • identifying and implementing an effective metrics and reporting strategy
  • extending your community into a social media presence

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State of the Online Community 2008

Bill Johnston recently gave a presentation about the State of the Online Community 2008: Key Findings from the Online Community Research Network, and I encourage you to take a look at it. As you can tell from the title, the slides contain highlights and important information from his research over the past year. Here are a few of my personal favorites among his key findings:

  • Most organizations do not have a comprehensive online community strategy.
  • Marketing typically owns the community (I have some thoughts on this).
  • Community manager roles are still evolving.
  • Many communities are not meeting expectations.

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Online Community Research from Forum One

Forum One is one of the few research companies doing regular quality research on meaty topics in the online community space. I also really like Forum One’s model for releasing research reports. Around 6-9 months after each report is published, they open it up for the public to download.

Here are a few reports that you can download for free right now:

Bill Johnston just posted a little more information about their research agenda on the Online Community Report blog if you are interested in learning more about their other reports. It’s well worth your time to subscribe to his blog to get updates on the latest research and events.

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