The best way to contact Dawn Foster is by emailing dawn@fastwonder.com. If you are interested in seeing recent presentations (slides and videos where available), you should visit the speaking page.

Bio: Dawn Foster

Dr. Dawn Foster works as the Director of Data Science for the CHAOSS project where she is also a board member and maintainer. She is co-chair of CNCF TAG Contributor Strategy and an OpenUK board member. She has 20+ years of experience at companies like VMware and Intel with expertise in community building, strategy, open source, governance, metrics, and more. She has spoken at over 100 industry events and has a BS in computer science, an MBA, and a PhD. In her spare time she enjoys reading science fiction, running, and traveling.

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Data Geek, Open Source Strategist, Community Leader, and Technology Enthusiast.

Dawn has well over 20 years of experience in business and technology with expertise in open source software, community building, data analytics, research, strategic planning, management, and more. She has experience building new communities and managing existing communities with a particular emphasis on developer and open source communities. Dawn holds a PhD from the University of Greenwich, an MBA from Ashland University, and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Kent State University.

Dawn has contributed to many technology projects and events over the years. She has previously been on the organizing team for the Kubernetes Contributor Summit, Devopsdays London, Devopsdays Portland, Monitorama, and Configuration Management Camp. She was a co-founder and board member of Legion of Tech, a non-profit chartered with organizing free events for the Portland, Oregon technology community. As part of her work with Legion of Tech, Dawn was an organizer for Portland BarCamp, Ignite Portland and other events. She was also a co-founder and community evangelist for the location-based startup, Shizzow.

Dawn has been a regular contributor to The New Stack, Linux.com, GigaOM’s WebWorkerDaily, and other blogs. She is the author of the books, What Dawn Eats: Vegan Food That Isn’t Weird and Companies and Communities: Participating without being sleazy.

You can read Dawn’s content on Fast Wonder to learn more about her ideas, and you can find links to Dawn’s projects and accomplishments below.

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Author of 2 Books: Paperback, PDF, and Kindle formats.

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The History of Fast Wonder

The Fast Wonder blog is an evolution of Dawn’s Open Culture blog originally started in November 2005. A number of other “Open Culture” blogs gradually appeared over the years, and the time came to come up with a more original name and a real logo for this blog. If you think about it long enough, you will understand why Dawn Foster chose the name “Fast Wonder” for her company and blog. A big thank you to Stephen Way for designing the Fast Wonder logo.

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