3G iPhone on the Way?

If so, I want one! According to Apple Insider, they are getting closer to having 3G capability in 2008.

Yes, I appear to be the only person without an iPhone (if all of my geeky friends are any indication). I have been stubbornly holding out for 3G. I tend to use my phone mainly as an internet device (web browsing, etc.) when I am outside of wireless zones. At work / home where I spend most of my time, my laptop is always open, on, and usually in my lap. However, when I am out and about, I want quick web access via cell networks, and EDGE service just doesn’t quite cut it.

I would love to have an iPhone, but yes, I continue to hold out for 3G (removable battery with a spare would be nice, but not holding my breath on that one).

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