It is a Crazy World We Live in!

Five years ago if someone told me that Apple was making a cell phone and thousands of people would wait in line for days to get one, I would have laughed and pronounced them a “crazy person”! Yet, here we are. Some people are trying to sell their spots in line for as much as $5000, ARs Technica is live blogging from the line on Cincinnati, and others are blogging when the UPS truck arrives with the shipment.

I personally know of a number of people currently waiting in line at various stores right now. Am I planning to join them in line? No. I am not giving up my 3G Blackjack for a 2G iPhone when I use the data plan extensively, and I really like having a removable battery for critical devices (I always keep a spare charged battery in my bag!) If the iPhone was 3G with a removable battery, would I be one of those crazy people in line right now? Maybe. 🙂