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I’ve been using Twitter both on my computer on my and phone for a while, but the user experience of the phone has been a bit rough.  One option is to turn on text messages and be interrupted by your phone every time a friend Twitters.  Another option was the use the standard web interface, which required lots of scrolling and painfully slow load times.

Now Twitter has just released  It’s very simple, clean, and easy to read on the phone.  I think I’ll like using Twitter on my phone even more with this release.

Twitter is one of those services that people either love, hate, or can’t see the point.  I’m in the “love it” camp.  It’s a great way to keep up with friends.  I like knowing what new app or gadget Josh Bancroft or Chris Messina are testing. I also get great lunch suggestions from people like Raven Zachary.  The best use of Twitter is at big events where you can learn which session, party, speaker, etc. really stinks and which ones are a must see.  At sxsw, Chris Messina organized an OpenID meetup primarily over Twitter. News also spreads quickly via Twitter, and I frequently see breaking news on Twitter before other mainstream media sources. The best part is that you get this information quickly and easily from your community of friends, acquaintances, and coworkers.

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  2. The new mobile interface is cool, but I don’t like that it only shows me the last 3-5 messages. i want to see more on a page! My twitterstream flows by so fast that 3-5 messages is nothing. 🙂

    Make sure you check out Twapper by 30Boxes:

    I’ve been using it as my phone’s home page for a while, and even after a brief stint of trying Twitter Mobile, I’m back to Twapper. It shows more per page, pulls in photos and other related stuff from your friends, and lets you update right from the Twapper page (if you’re signed in to Twitter via 30Boxes on the desktop, which is a little tricky). Definitely worth a look.

  3. you should check out one of the mobile clients as an option as well… there are several to take a look at: twitterberry, twitlet, jitter, and tinytwitter.

    just one more way to stay connected and to get a good twitter experience on your mobile device.

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