iPhone Envy

I just bought a Samsung BlackJack in November. It is WAY better than my previous device, the BlackBerry. It looks great, is small and light, has a bigger screen, has better Internet access, and has a camera. Honestly, it’s the first cell phone that I’ve really loved to use. The only drawback is that it runs Windows … it occasionally gets a bit tweaky, which like most Windows devices can only be fixed by a reboot (not a very convenient solution).

Today, I saw the news about the iPhone and developed a serious case of gadget envy. A device with Internet, email, wifi, iPod, even thinner than my BlackJack, easy synchronization with iTunes, and very cool looking. I already have Cingular … now I just need to find an excuse to buy a new device.

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  1. At least you’re already a Cingular customer. I’ll have to break my T-Mobile contract for $200 in June to get my iPhone. It’s worth it, of course, being the Apple fanboy.

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