A Look Back at 2009

It’s really nice to look back at the past year to see what you’ve accomplished and come up with ideas for how to be even better the next year. I started doing these as a way for friends and family to keep up with me without the hassle of doing holiday cards (2008 and 2007 editions). I’m going to try to make this one shorter than in previous years and focus on just a few things.

2009 in Review

Some thoughts on what I want to do in 2010

  • Continue to do interesting work on fun projects where I can collaborate with cool people.
  • Start a few more websites, like I did with The Crazy Neighbor. It’s a great learning experience, a good way to practice my skills and fun to experiment with something new.
  • Stay healthy by continuing to work out and eat healthy food.
  • Spend more time reading a combination of fiction and business / technology books.
  • Take more beach vacations! I haven’t taken a real vacation that didn’t involve visiting family, since I started my own business. In my defense, I did take two beach vacations the previous year, but it’s time for me to start planning another nice vacation.

4 thoughts on “A Look Back at 2009”

  1. Whew! An impressive list of accomplishments, Dawn!

    You definitely earned a very relaxing vaycay. You’ll need to rest up for what I’m sure will be another very productive, very exciting year! <3

  2. Thanks! I had a nice little 4.5 day weekend over the New Year holiday, and it was great to relax and have some downtime. Now, I just need to plan another one in a warm, tropical location 😉

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