2008 Year in Review for Dawn and Plans for 2009

I gave up on a holiday letter or cards a few years ago; however, last year I started doing a year in review post, and it seemed to work pretty well. Here’s the 2008 version …

Let’s start with the negative.

What did I want to do in 2008 that didn’t quite make it?

  • Didn’t quite achieve 501(c)(3) status for Legion of Tech. The paperwork is nearly done and will be submitted in January.
  • Didn’t get the O’Reilly Art of Community book published. For too many reasons to list here, we finally decided to can the project.
  • Didn’t do anything spectacular enough that it prompted someone to write a Wikipedia article for me. :-)

Now on to the fun part.

2008: A year of change

My personal hopes for 2009

  • Grow Fast Wonder Consulting into a more successful business with a few more clients.
  • Achieve 501(c)(3) status for Legion of Tech.
  • Continue to help organize more awesome events in Portland.
  • Finish my eBook about Companies and Online Communities.
  • Learn more about Yahoo Pipes.
  • Continue mission #GetOffButt to get healthier, stronger, and in better shape.
  • Again, I want to do something spectacular enough that it prompts someone to write a Wikipedia article for me. :-)

Another thing I’m excited about for 2009

  • The Portland tech community. I rave about it almost constantly, but I do expect the Portland tech community to continue to produce exciting new companies, projects, and community organized events to become even stronger in 2009.

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7 thoughts on “2008 Year in Review for Dawn and Plans for 2009”

  1. Dawn, THANK YOU for all that you do to help grow the PDX technology community. You’re a real asset and we’re lucky to have you evangelizing on our behalf!

  2. Betsy,

    As you know, I do it because I love it … and it gives me more excuses to hang out with cool people like you 🙂

  3. Hey Dawn:

    Having a Wikipedia article about you may not be all that it is cracked up to be. An ex-student once created one on me. It had a small factual error, which I corrected, and along the way expanded the article a bit. The fact that I was editing the article on myself caught the eye of the (ahem) editorial bored, who decreed that I was not as deserving as many of the other illustrious types described therein (Jenna Jameson and the like, for example) – and therefore cut it back to almost nothing. Sigh! So much for my 15 mins of fame.

    ps. The Jenna Jameson example does show you one route to getting your name into Wikipedia – but please don’t go there. 🙂

  4. Hi Dawn,
    Happy New Year!! You’ve accomplished quite a lot in this past year and your goals for ’09 seem fun and event-full!! Look forward to seeing you and Todd soon. –Nina

  5. Hi Dawn! Great to see that you are doing well! Sounds like you will have your hands really full in 2009 – I wish you a wonderful 2009! 🙂

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