Demystifying Social Media Tools and Techniques

On Tuesday, I gave a presentation about Demystifying Social Media Tools and Techniques for the PDXTech4Good group organized as part of NTEN’s 501 Tech Club, so the presentation was targeted to nonprofit organizations. It was about a 30 to 40 minute presentation followed by 2 breakouts:

  • Learn more about the tools (Twitter, etc.) with Crystal Beasley
  • Monitoring social media sites with Dawn Foster

Here are the slides from the first part of the presentation, and you can download the full size version from SlideShare if you want a better copy than the version embedded below.

View more documents from Dawn Foster.

Monitoring Breakout Section

In the monitoring section, I shared some of my favorite tools.

Keeping up with industry news:

  • Find any good RSS reader and populate it with the top blogs from your industry. Netvibes and Google Reader are good choices.

Real time Twitter monitoring:

Find shortened links to your websites when posted on Twitter:

Advanced monitoring on the cheap:

  • Yahoo Pipes: More involved tool, but you can do some very advanced monitoring. I have a bunch of video and written tutorials for getting started with Yahoo Pipes.

One thought on “Demystifying Social Media Tools and Techniques”

  1. I’ll have to give Monittor a try again. Have you tried CoTweet or HootSuite? Any thoughts on those?

    I like the on schedule/off schedule thing for teams with CoTweet. And the stats integration with is nice.

    HootSuite has a nice bookmarklet I like for sharing and has good usability IMO. I love the avatar photos for which account to tweet on. I hardly ever tweet on the wrong account now. Unless I’m using Tweetie…

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