Learn More About Online Communities: My Favorite Community Resources

People often ask me for a list of my favorite blogs, books or other resources to help them learn more about online communities. I’ve mostly been providing this list to people on an ad hoc basis, so I thought that it was time to create the list here and keep it updated!

There are many great blogs, books and other resources for people who want to learn more about online communities, but I’ve limited this list to just a few of my favorites. I will be keeping this list updated on the Learn More About Online Communities page. I hope you enjoy it!

Online community thought leader blogs:

Good books about online communities

2 thoughts on “Learn More About Online Communities: My Favorite Community Resources”

  1. Dawn: I am honored to be listed here with those who I read regularly and admire a great deal. They challenge me and make me do my job better. This is definitely not work for the weary and I’m glad to know that you are being asked about this kind of thing. The book, the Whuffle factor wasn’t on my radar, so thanks for leading me to it.

    Angela Connor

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