Community Manager / Social Media Jobs are Still Hot

ReadWriteWeb’s Jobwire site has been keeping up with who is being hired, while many other sites are focused on layoffs and the downturn. It’s exciting to see them publish their numbers showing that people are still hiring community managers and social media specialists.

I’ve been seeing a similar trend anecdotaly, and so far at least, I’m still getting clients who want me to consult with them to help build online communities, new blogs, or improve their social media presence.

They have some other data available in their full post, which you should take the time to read. It’s just nice to see a little good news about people getting jobs now and then.

One thought on “Community Manager / Social Media Jobs are Still Hot”

  1. As advertising budgets decrease companies are looking for new ways to gain exposure and facilitate excellent customer service. The web is where its at, and the majority of older businessmen are uneducated on new practices. Like in Malcolm Galdwell’s “Outliers,” he suggests success is based off of being from a certain time period, and certain events taking place. That’s what social media managers are seeing now.

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