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I’ll be the guest blogger this week on the Community 2.0 blog with a three part series on corporate communities. Community 2.0 is an annual conference that was held in Las Vegas last year, but will be moving to San Francisco this year from May 11-13. I also wanted to let you know that they will be accepting submissions for case studies and panels until this Thursday, November 21, so you should get off your rear and propose something if you haven’t already!

There were some really outstanding presentations last year at the conference. I covered a few of my favorites here on this blog:

It’s a great conference for community managers to attend. I had the opportunity to meet some really outstanding community managers at this event last year, and I am looking forward to attending again this year!

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  1. Dawn:

    I did some podcasting at the Community 2.0 event last year and some blogging for the Community 2.0 blog. I don’t think we met, though. Looking forward to doing so at the 2009 event in San Francisco.

    Bryan Person | @BryanPerson

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