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Yahoo Pipes Training: A 2 Minute Yahoo Pipes Demo

If you have been wanting to create Yahoo Pipes, but weren’t quite sure where to start when faced with the blank page on a new Yahoo Pipe, I created a very simple demo to get you started. This Yahoo Pipes demo will help you get started with Yahoo Pipes and show you what you need to know to create a basic Pipe. We use filtering for this example, since Yahoo Pipes is great at taking feeds and filtering to display only the posts that match (or exclude) certain keywords. The demo covers taking multiple feeds as inputs, filtering on keywords, sorting, and using the debugger to analyze the elements of your source feeds and your output. After watching this demo, you should be able to create a basic Yahoo Pipe and use it to filter to include or exclude items that match certain keywords.

Yahoo Pipes Training

I also wanted to take this opportunity to announce that I will begin conducting Yahoo Pipes training for organizations. These 2 hour classes will cover the basics of building Yahoo Pipes and provide some custom content if needed to help meet the specific needs of your organization.

More Details

You can view a copy of the 2 Minute Demo Pipe Source.

Modules Used:

  • Fetch Feed. Enter your source feeds here. These are the feeds that have the information you want to filter.
  • Filter. Filter the source feeds to include only posts that match certain keywords.
  • Sort. Sort by date (descending) to make sure that the output from your various source feeds appears in sorted order.
  • Pipe Output. The final module in every Yahoo Pipe.

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