Transparency and Disclosure: Honda on Facebook

This week there was yet another example of someone within a company talking about his company’s products on Facebook while posing as a consumer instead of disclosing his relationship with the company. In summary, don’t do this. It’s slimy, people will find out, and it reflects poorly on both the person and the company.

Honda on Facebook

I’ve talked about transparency and disclosure before on this blog, so I won’t go into details. In short, if you have a business relationship with a company that you are mentioning on any social media site, disclose it.

3 thoughts on “Transparency and Disclosure: Honda on Facebook”

  1. That’s hilarious.

    At MS we are required by policy to disclose our company affiliation; it’s been that way long before blogging came to the fore. It does little good to conceal such things, but can do some major damage if you’re caught trying to go incognito like that.

  2. Great example to prove your point!

    Disclose it and disclose it in the post. With the number of “friends” everyone has these days, they may not have read your profile or may not remember that you work for a particular company.

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