Want to Vote on my SXSW Panel Proposals?

I’ve proposed two panels for SXSW this year. If you are interested in these topics, want to see me speak, or want to get me into the conference for free, you should vote for one or both of these sessions 🙂

Quiz Show: Brilliant to Stupid Social Media Moments

Watch our social media contenders compete with each other in a no holds barred battle of the brains to answer questions about a variety of social media moments in history from the brilliant to the ridiculous to the stupid. See which of our “experts” comes out on top. (Vote)

Reputation Systems Smackdown: Community Benefit or Detriment

People are devious. If they can game your reputation system to achieve a higher status, members will try to rack up points. People are motivated by awards, but can reputation systems really encourage people to be productive community members. Maybe, maybe not. Come argue your position with our panel members. (Vote)

Also remember that hotels in Austin fill up ridiculously fast during SXSW, so if you plan to attend and have not secured a room, I encourage you to register now.

UPDATE 8/15/08:

I should have explained more about how SXSW picks panels. The process for most conferences is that you submit a proposal and some committee selects the ones that they think are most appropriate for the conference. SXSW is different. They ask people who plan to attend SXSW to use their panel picker process to rate the panels on a 5 star scale. They use this as input to select the panels.

So, this means that you don’t tell me that you want to see my panels, you need to go to the SXSW site and vote!

3 thoughts on “Want to Vote on my SXSW Panel Proposals?”

  1. As a relative newbie to social media, I would like to hear about its history. My vote is for “Quiz Show: Brilliant to Stupid Social Media Moments”. This would be a very interesting panel discussion and Dawn would be a great choice to be on the panel.

  2. Hi Doug,

    Don’t forget to place your vote on the SXSW panel picker site! I updated the post to clarify the process a bit.

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