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Online Community Building Manifesto

If you don’t already read Rich Millington’s blog, FeverBee, you should. He recently published an Online Community Building Manifesto (PDF link). He says:

There aren’t any answers in this manifesto. Instead it’s something better, it’s a call to change how we approach online communities.

It’s a short manifesto, and I encourage you to read it. What resonated the most with me was the focus on the social aspects of online communities. In my experience with community building, both within companies and with clients, companies find the software / technology to be the easy part. Installing a piece of software and getting it up and running is something companies do every day. Where they get tripped up is in the people portion of the online community equation: psychology, sociology, motivation, and other more social concerns.

Take a look at the manifesto, and send your comments to Rich. He’d love to have your feedback.