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Ignite Portland, A Documentary Short

Most of you probably know that I am one of the organizers for Ignite Portland, an event happening about every 4 months where we select people to present their burning ideas in 5 minutes using 20 slides that auto advance every 15 seconds. It’s an interesting format, and it’s a fun event to attend.

At this last Ignite Portland, Liz Grover started work on a short documentary that covers the history, the format and the phenomenon that is Ignite Portland. I was honored to participate in an interview where I talked about our experiences with Ignite Portland, and most of the interview appears in the documentary.

I encourage you to watch the Ignite Portland documentary. Liz did a great job of capturing the spirit of the event in just 8 minutes of video.

I also know that Liz is available for hire to work on other video projects if you need some video content for your latest project.