Here are a few notes about some cool apps from Portland Web Innovator’s Demolicious tonight.

I Need to Read This

Designed to solve the problem of having too many tabs open in Firefox with links opened to interesting things that you don’t have time to read right now.  It doesn’t make sense as a bookmark and isn’t really a todo list. You get the pages out of tabs and into I Need to Read This to read them later. The site is designed to be simple and straightforward. You save stuff up there with a bookmarklet and then read it later using the read bookmarklet or get it as a feed. Voting is much more complex than it looks at first glance.


The idea is to help small businesses organize among themselves and connect with their customers online. Most consultants and small businesses have a bunch of subscriptions to systems for collaboration, project management, CRM, invoices, etc. MioWorks is a contact management system that went into beta last week, and they are actively looking for feedback to flesh out the rest of the functionality. It starts with contacts, their information, and conversations. They add notes, tasks, files, support / issues, and more along with the contact information. It brings all of this information together all in one place to create accountability and collaboration with clients for small businesses

VoteFair Ranking

The last component is the Negotiation tool. You can create a survey (survey, election, poll) and let people vote on a topic. You can use it for meeting times or any other votes requiring more than 2 choices. Because it allows people to vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices, which can provide more accurate results than a single select vote.


A new mac application that allows you to upload your avatar to many sites at the same time. Right now it only works for Twitter and FriendFeed, and he’s adding new ones if the API provides this functionality. The app is very simple. You drag an image into the app, and it changes your avatar for any accounts that you select in Avatari. It was just announced and made available tonight during Demolicious.

Black Tonic

This is a better way to present information to a client. You control the pace of the presentation, which doesn’t allow the client to jump ahead and keeps everyone in the same place without skipping around. This is great for creatives who want to tell the story and a narrative with reasoning behind the decisions. Presentation becomes a slide show that people can watch it again along with version tracking. You can upload photos and add notes.

If you want to demo your app in 3 months at the next demolicious, you can contact Adam DuVander.

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  1. I was at Ward C.’s wiki talk, so its great to have this summary of demolicious. thanks!

  2. Don, Adam always gets really interesting people to demo, so I like to take notes – partly for my reference later, but also so that people who missed it can catch up. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Thanks for the recap, Dawn. I’m always so wrapped up in things that I don’t take notes. Plus, I like seeing others’ takes on the demos. I’ll have to link this up from!

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