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Here are a few interesting things from this week that I wanted to share …

Troublemakers, trolls and a very trying week « Online Community Strategist

FeverBee: A Stranger In A Big City

Shizzow’s Social Location Service Marries ‘Where’ with ‘What’ | Epicenter from

Fly away! Be free! Shizzow launches from Portland nest in preparation for SXSW Interactive » Silicon Florist

It’s Time To Start Thinking Of Twitter As A Search Engine

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  1. Dawn, thanks for the link to my post regarding my hectic week in the land of trolls. I also read the post on twitter as a search engine and I am quite intrigued. Keep highlighting interesting posts for us. You never know what you miss and there are some people you can definitely depend on to highlight thought provoking content. You are very good at that. Thanks.

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