Episode 1: Complexity of Motivation in Online Communities

Welcome to the first Fast Wonder Community podcast. This podcast contains the first of four recordings made during a recent discussion that I led at the December Portland Web Innovators meeting. In this edition, I lead a lively discussion about the Complexity of Motivation in Online Communities.


The next edition in this series of four podcasts from the Portland Web Innovators meeting will discuss reputation systems. After this four part series, I plan to move to mostly an interview format with interviews from thought leaders in online communities.

I will include the link to iTunes in the side bar of this blog within the next few days for anyone who prefers to get the podcast via iTunes. I am still relatively new to audio podcasting (so far, I’ve done mostly video podcasts), so please feel free to share any tips or suggestions that I can use to make them better.

Update: At Stefano’s request, here is the podcast in .mp3 format.