Moving on to a New Gig (Compiere)

Friday was my last day at Intel. Changing jobs always brings mixed feelings: excitement about starting a new job combined with the difficult feelings associated with leaving so many great co-workers and friends. Intel has been a great company, and I have learned so much over the past six+ years; however, a few weeks ago, I made the difficult decision to leave Intel to return to my open source roots.

I have just joined Compiere as their new Director of Community and Partner Programs where I will be working in a small, start-up environment for the first time in my career. Compiere is an open source ERP/CRM software company, and I will be responsible for managing the relationship between Compiere and their open source community while also managing some partner relationships and programs. I am excited to be working in open source again, and Compiere has some really interesting technology that could make a real difference within the enterprise environment.

This is a great opportunity for me, and I am thrilled to be joining the Compiere team.

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  1. Dawn,

    I wish you the best of luck in your new job.

    I hate cross posting but I decided to leave a comment after reading your profile. It stuck me that we shared so many interests. Open Source and community did not surprise me, but anthropology did. Not many IT people enjoy reading about it.

    I hope there will be opportunities to collaborate, I really appreciate the work Jorg has done in the past.

    Best regards

    Ramiro Vergara

  2. 1) I am interested in Ancient History. And that is soup du jour.

    2) So as not to forget I am what many ADempiereans are trying to look up to as their community leader. You probably know of this fork of the Compiere community. So now that you are here. I think i can hand it over.

    3) Interested?

    blisfully retired

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