Shel Israel at Community 2.0

In this session, Shel talked about his work on the SAP Global Report on Culture, Business & Social Media. It was an interesting session with a lot of stories, which are always harder to capture in notes, so I didn’t take very many notes from this session. The upside is that you can find most of the content that he talked about on his Global Neighbourhoods blog in the SAP Research Report category.

Again, these are my notes from the findings portion of his discussion, so these are his words, but there could be some errors.


  • youth is the killer app
  • youth driving more adoption than geeks
  • communities have universal apeal
  • the most generous have the most influence
  • culture matters
  • culture belongs to the community

Business findings

  • adoption is faster than you think
  • resistance is found in the middle
  • small bands of evangelists making a big difference
  • behind firewall accelerating
  • measurement is a key issue

More details about the findings from Shel’s blog:

2 Responses to “Shel Israel at Community 2.0”

  • nicely done. shel’s personal stories relating the use of social technologies in struggles with authoritarian oppression are truly compelling. here are a couple more takeaways to add to your list:

    • the technology is irrelevant. community is what humans do. we’re hard-wired and have been doing this since the days of the caveman.
    • language is a barrier

  • Hey Mario,

    Both excellent points. I wish I had taken better notes. It was a really interesting presentation, and I kept getting caught up in listening, thus forgetting to take notes :-)

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