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Shizzow Launches!

Some of you know that I have been working on a stealth side project for the past month or so, and we are excited to announce that it is launching in private beta today! Right now, the beta invites are limited to a couple hundred people living in Portland. I’ll be sending out invites today along with the rest of the team. If you want an invite, and don’t hear from me today, you can get one from me at Lunch 2.0 on Wednesday.

Shizzow is a location-based social web service that we built with the goal of helping you build quality relationships through face-to-face interaction. Shizzow provides the technology for you to notify your friends of your location, with as little effort as possible, so you can spend more time hanging out with your peeps and less time trying to coordinate bringing them together through phone, email, SMS and IM.

What does this really mean? You tell your friends where you are and what you are doing so that you can meet up with people and do cool things.

Shizzow was created by Mark Wallaert, Sam Keen, and Ryan Snyder. I feel honored that they asked me to join the team to manage the community.

Since we are still unfunded and without revenue, this does not impact my consulting practice. I will continue to help companies build online communities while also working on Shizzow.

If you want to keep up with us, you can read our blog or follow us on Twitter.