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Industry Analyst Custom Search Engine

In October, I put together a Google Custom Search Engine to search the blogs of several online community thought leaders. Custom search engines are a great way to control where you search while restricting the search to a specified list of experts. I wanted to share another custom search engine for Industry Analysts. This is a way to find quick quotes and research on a specific topic just from the industry analyst sites specified below:

  • nielsen-online.com
  • amrresearch.com
  • onlinecommunityreport.com
  • forumonenetworks.com
  • illuminata.com
  • redmonk.com
  • idc.com
  • forrester.com
  • gartner.com
  • the451group.com

Now, the question for you. Who did I miss? What other industry analysts cover online communities and social media?

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