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Launching What Dawn Eats

I’ve been completely neglecting this blog over the past couple of months, and for those of you who’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing, I’ve been working on a new side project. What Dawn Eats: Vegan Food That Isn’t Weird is a blog right now, but it will also be a cookbook in a month or two! The idea behind the cookbook was to get all of my recipes into a format where I could share them in one bundle, mostly for friends and family. I’ve been keeping track of my recipes for my entire adult life and have been keeping them in electronic format with the goal of eventually creating some kind of cookbook. I decided over the Christmas holidays this year that I had enough recipes to finally tackle this project, and I’ve been working on it pretty steadily since then.

I decided to start by launching the What Dawn Eats blog where I will post a few recipes a week from the cookbook to give you a feel for the types of recipes that you will find when I publish the book. I’m currently in the final editing and formatting phase, so I hope to have the cookbook available for purchase in June or July. It will be available as a print book and PDF download to start, and I will probably convert it to the kindle format eventually. If you want some other format, just let me know. Since I’m self-publishing the book, I can be pretty flexible about formats or other requests.

In typical geek fashion, you can watch for new recipes in a variety of ways:

Expect to see more recipes posted over the next couple of months along with an update containing more details when you can start ordering the cookbook on What Dawn Eats.