Launching Rednecks in the Wild

I like to occasionally launch random websites, so here’s my latest: Rednecks in the Wild. Rednecks in the Wild is a website where anyone can submit pictures of homo redneckus aka “rednecks” in their natural habitats.

Here’s how you can participate:

Here are a few of my favorite pictures so far:

Some of you may be wondering how Rednecks in the Wild got started. I grew up in rural Ohio, and I know that there are plenty of funny redneck pictures out there, so I bought this domain over a year ago with the idea of building this website. Shortly before the holidays, I started looking at all of the domains that I own and decided to start working on this one. I started building Rednecks in the Wild a couple of weeks before my vacation with the goal of launching it toward the end of the holidays. Some of you may have noticed a couple of posts on Twitter and Facebook with links to the website, but I’ve been relatively quiet about it to give me time to build up a good base of content before launching it. This is just a fun little project with no huge grand ambitions, but the hope is that at least a few people will get some enjoyment out of it.

Do you have a funny redneck picture to submit to Rednecks in the Wild?

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