Join Us on a Party Bus from Portland to Ignite Corvallis on November 5

I have the honor of presenting the What is Ignite talk in my favorite Oregon city (outside of Portland, of course) at Ignite Corvallis 2 on this Thursday, November 5th. The have a great list of speakers, including a couple of other Portlanders, and they are making it very easy for all of us to attend by sponsoring a party bus for the trip!

What makes it a party bus? The free beer and wifi certainly qualify it as a party bus in my book, but we also have a bunch of fun people already scheduled for the trip! We still have room on the bus, and everyone on the bus gets a free ticket to Ignite Corvallis, which is currently sold out. You can register for the bus and get all of the details about pick up and drop off times, logistics, etc. on the bus page.

I hope to see you at Ignite Corvallis!

3 thoughts on “Join Us on a Party Bus from Portland to Ignite Corvallis on November 5”

  1. Man, I wish I was on the bus! But I live in Corvallis…

    Anyways, don’t forget about the Multi-City Beer & Blog! Portland, Salem, Eugene, and Corvallis will all be representing. And it should be getting started just as the party bus pulls up!

    The Corvallis Young Pros (and maybe Salem) will be joining the B&B group as well as OSU, SAO, and the local business community.

    Its gonna be fun!

    More info on the entire event (including Ignite Corvallis 2) here:

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