Twitter Sniffer for Brands

Many of you are probably familiar with my Twitter Reply Sniffer. This pipe is a variant of the Twitter reply sniffer, which only looks for @replies, while the Twitter Sniffer for Brands pipe finds other mentions of your brand on Twitter along with @replies.

I’ve found that many of the Twitter search services are unreliable, and they return different results when searched. Even Twitter’s own search misses some tweets. This pipe currently combines three separate Twitter search engines into one result with duplicates filtered out and everything sorted by date.


  1. Go to the Twitter Sniffer for Brands pipe
  2. Enter your Twitter username and click “run pipe”
  3. Grab the RSS feed output

If your brand name is not the same as your Twitter username or if you want to track multiple products, you can repeat the steps above and grab several RSS feeds. If your brand name contains a space, you will want to put it in quotes in the ‘Enter your Twitter username or Company name’ field: “green dragon”, for example.

The pipe will work best for brands that have an uncommon name. You can always clone the pipe and add some filters if you are getting too many irrelevant results.

I want to thank Justin Kistner at Metafluence for creating the first rev of the Twitter Reply Sniffer. Please let me know if you see any issues or bugs by leaving me a comment on this post.

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9 thoughts on “Twitter Sniffer for Brands”

  1. Fantastic, and thanks so much for sharing – but for some reasons google reader not finding the feed when I create pipe for ’emoderation’?

  2. Thanks for these tips!! I typed in our Twitter name and only got our own Tweets. How can I tell if other Tweeters are talking about us if it doesn’t show up in our Twitter stream or @replies or direct messages?

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