Bug Fix Released: FriendFeed Minus Twitter Pipe

Oops, it looks like FriendFeed made a minor change recently that introduced a minor bug into my FriendFeed Minus Twitter Yahoo Pipe. Twitter posts had been re-appearing into the feed, but I made minor tweak today to fix the bug. I did some cursory testing, but didn’t have time to really hammer on it. Give it a try and let me know if your feed still has Twitter posts or let me know if I am mistakenly filtering any extra (non-Twitter) content.

If you aren’t already a user of the FriendFeed Minus Twitter Pipe, you can use it to get a nice little RSS feed of your FriendFeed without the million Tweets. Get more details about how the FriendFeed Minus Twitter pipe works.


  1. Go to the FriendFeed Minus Twitter pipe
  2. Enter the RSS feed from your “friends” page and click “run pipe”
  3. Grab the RSS feed output

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