Want a BarCampPortland T-Shirt? Act Now!

BarCampPortland is rapidly approaching. The event will be held on May 2, 3, and 4th at CubeSpace. If you have not yet RSVPed on Upcoming, please do it now. Having an accurate count of attendees really helps us plan the event!

This year we’re asking Portland BarCampers for a small donation if they want an event t-shirt. For a donation of $20, before April 26th, you help support the event (things like the space, food, and supplies) and get an awesome shirt designed by local design group Brash Creative. Please note that with this donation you will have our many thanks for supporting this event; however, you will NOT get a tax deduction, since Legion of Tech does not yet have 501c3 tax exempt status as an organization.

You can select your t-shirt size and make your donation through PayPal on the Legion of Tech website. We will not be taking orders for t-shirts after April 26th, and we will not have extra t-shirts available at the event.

Also, we are still looking for sponsors. If your company is interested in sponsoring, please contact Selena Decklemann (selenamarie on gmail).

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0 thoughts on “Want a BarCampPortland T-Shirt? Act Now!”

  1. Hey Dawn,

    To do a talk at BarCamp is it unconference style: you just show up and you’re scheduled in, or do you need to reserve a spot in advance?


  2. Hey Bob,

    In traditional unconference style, there are no advanced slots reserved for speakers. We’ll spend Friday evening setting the schedule and anyone can sign up to talk about any topic. The sessions will be held on Saturday and Sunday. I’ve also found that roundtable discussions work much better than presentations at BarCamps.

    I hope to see you there!

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