Spock: A Highly Illogical Social Network?

Is Spock a social network, psychology experiment, or joke? I don’t really know at this point. Like many of you, I have been receiving Spock invites on a regular basis. I’ve also been hearing quite a few really smart people say that they just don’t really get why someone would use Spock. I tried it myself, and had the same reaction. Kind of a “why am I doing this?” thought.

This got me thinking. Is it possible that Spock could have another purpose? Maybe it is a psychology experiment being run out of a university research department somewhere to see how many of us are gullible enough to join and fill out a profile for a site with no benefits. It wouldn’t be the first time someone made up a social networking site just to see how many people would express interest for a site that didn’t even exist.

OK, I’m not really serious about the conspiracy theories, and yes, I did fill out a profile, but seriously, does anyone out there find Spock useful for something?!? If so, leave a comment; I am very curious.

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Thanks to Todd for the idea for the title of this post.