Ignite Portland 2 Rocked the Bagdad

Wow! We had 750 people show up for Ignite Portland 2 at the Bagdad Theater last night. This is about 150 people more than the 600 or so who RSVP’ed on Upcoming. We were amazed and thrilled with the response.

We had some incredible presentations. We’re posting them as they get uploaded on the Ignite Portland site. I also had really interesting conversations with people, and I personally had a great time.

We also had some interesting challenges mostly associated with having way more people than anticipated. We even gave up on having people register in order to just get people in the door. Despite the challenges, people seemed to enjoy themselves.

There were so many great volunteers who helped make Ignite Portland 2 a success; we could never have pulled it off without their help. The sponsors also made this possible by providing the funds required to buy food, the use of the Bagdad Theater, insurance, etc. A huge thank you to everyone who helped, sponsored, took pictures / video, and more to make this event so much fun to attend.

Rick has (as usual) done an amazing job of summarizing the blog coverage of the event on Silicon Florist, so please visit his page to hear what other people are saying about the event.

If you attended Ignite Portland 2, please visit the Ignite Portland blog post “What did *you* think of Ignite Portland“. Drop your thoughts in the comments to let us know what you like and areas where we could make Ignite Portland 3 even better.

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