The DataPortability Report for January: Good, Bad, and Ugly

The DataPortability initiative just released their report for the month of January. I love the open approach the group has embraced to share the issues, highlights, and progress with the community.

The Good:

The work is being broken down into a bunch of action groups to help get the teams organized and break the work into manageable chunks.

The Bad:

Like many similar efforts, the big vendors agree to participate and make a lot of noise about it, but they haven’t all been doing the real work necessary to make it succeed. With any luck, this open approach will convince some of the vendors that they need to participate and contribute if they want to be part of the initiative.

The Ugly:

There has been quite a bit of criticism of the DataPortability group about the slogan, naming names, vendor hype, and more. The good part is that the group is responding to the criticism in an open and honest manner and making changes to address the issues.

This is just a really quick summary, but you should read the rest of the report for more details.

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