Web 2.0 Moving into the Enterprise

When we think of web 2.0, many of us naturally associate it with consumers rather than corporations. With examples like MySpace, Digg, Flickr, Wikipedia / wikis, blogging, and others, the value to the consumer is clear; however, the value of web 2.0 can be extended to the enterprise. In another blog entry, I described web 2.0 as “the collaborative, community oriented web where collective intelligence is harnessed and content is created the many rather than the few.” Think about the power of this idea relative to harnessing the collective intelligence of the people within an enterprise and of those people outside of your company who use or care about your products.

More details on web 2.0 in the enterprise, including some quotes from Gartner, can be found on my Intel Trends in Web 2.0 blog.