Get a Clue or Become Extinct

The world is changing (or has changed) in a way that can no longer be ignored. For those of us working in the technology industry, it is easy to get swept into the web 2.0 world to the point where the changes seem so obvious. Communities, open source software, user contribution, participation, blogging, podcasting … are part of the way business works in today’s environment. Traditional (non-technology) companies are starting to figure this out, and are dipping their toes into the water.

  • Big media companies (The New York Times and the BBC) are blogging and podcasting.
  • Large software companies (IBM) are embracing open source software.
  • Old school manufacturing companies (GM) are opening up to community participation.

The gapingvoid had a post yesterday describing how Microsoft’s loss of Scoble and Gates spells the end of Microsoft taking the road toward extinction. I am not sure about the downfall of Microsoft; however, all companies (not just technology companies) need to understand the new business dynamics often lumped together under the web 2.0 meme. Those that get a clue will continue to operate in this new environment, and those dinosaurs who do not get it will slowly become extinct.