Firefox Quickly Supports New Intel Apple Systems

Within a few days of the official announcement of the early release of the new Intel Macs, Firefox has announced a late March release of the Firefox update containing support for Intel Macs. According to the article linked below, as early as July of last year, they had initial development releases available. This is just another illustration of how quickly the open source community can support new product releases.

In addition to quick support, open source products frequently have a transparency and honesty that can be refreshing compared to the secrecy embraced by some proprietary companies. The current development release of Firefox for Intel Macs has two primary issues to be resolved before launch: compatibility issues with Flash and the need for an updated Java plugin. A user or developer can get a much better idea about whether or not a product is likely to hit the launch target when the major challenges are available along with a few details about what is being done to resolve the issues. Developers and savvy users who want to try it out a bit early can download the new version and play around with it (at their own risk, of course) if they want an early look at the product.

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