Off the Grid

I will be going back to Ohio to visit family from 6pm this evening (7/27) through Wednesday, August 1. For anyone who doesn’t already know this, my family lives in rural Ohio where the closest high speed connection is about 20 miles away at a truck stop. I won’t be blogging during that time, but it is likely that I’ll be bored to death occasionally and keeping up with basic email / twitter / etc. via my Blackjack. I’ll be officially back on the grid August 2nd.

3 Responses to “Off the Grid”

  • this is one of the boring rural family members; we really aren’t that boring. some of us even use high speed internet daily. although i will admit I work 60 miles away from home. Love you too Dawn : )

  • Boring huh? I don’t think so!

  • how embarassing. note to self: my family reads my blog :-)

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