I’m a bit of a data geek, so I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking at metrics for communities. Since most of the communities that I’ve managed are open source, my metrics work skews in that direction. This page is simply a collection of the work that I’ve done over the years along with some links to other resources.

People doing really cool stuff with metrics:

  • Bitergia (my current favorite): They are doing some really cool stuff, and I’ve been working with them to revamp the Puppet metrics. Check out some of their reports and the Bitergia blog.

My Conference Presentations:

Additional information about my Academic conference presentations, many of which have at least some metrics, can be found on my Academic page.

Some of My Past Metrics Projects:
I’ve done metrics for all of these communities in the past. Sadly, the none of these metrics dashboards still exist.

  • Puppet
  • Tizen
  • MeeGo

My Blog posts about Metrics:

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