Basic Introduction to Yahoo Pipes


Your customers are talking about you, your competitors are revealing information that you want to know and you need to keep tabs on your industry in the most strategic way possible. Can you find the conversations and information quickly and efficiently now? This Yahoo Pipes training course is designed for people who are new to Yahoo Pipes and want to learn how this tool can give you an edge. In 1.5 hours, we will cover the basics of why online tracking is so important for your business, how to build your first Yahoo Pipe and what are some more advanced uses that can be employed to impress your boss and your clients. This class is ideal for bloggers, public relations and marketing professionals, as well as community and content managers or anyone involved in customer care.

This course will teach you how to create your first Yahoo Pipe. It is a pre-requisite to the Monitoring Conversations Using Yahoo Pipes.

Class offered in partnership with the Oregon Training Network.


  • No prior knowledge of Yahoo Pipes is required.
  • You will need to bring a laptop to the training class
  • You must have a Yahoo account (Flickr / Upcoming login?) and confirm that you can access Pipes with that account

Upcoming Class: None Scheduled

Who Should Attend

  • Public relations professionals
  • Marketing managers
  • Brand managers
  • Social media managers
  • Community managers
  • Web Strategists
  • Content managers / bloggers
  • Customer care specialists

Why you need this course to learn about Yahoo Pipes

This course will teach you how using Yahoo Pipes can help you understand what people are saying about you, your industry, your competitors and more through smart filtering of blogs, news sources, Twitter, and other online sites. Your customers are talking about you and your competitors are revealing information that you want to know online. Can you find it quickly and efficiently now?

  • Become more responsive to your customers by knowing when and where people are talking about your company and products on blogs and Twitter. Find and respond more quickly and efficiently.
  • Use what people are saying about your company and your products to improve your products / services, marketing messages, web content, documentation and other communications.
  • Get insight into your competitors.
  • Keep up with important information about your industry by focusing on keyword filtering to find the most relevant content for your situation.
  • Use the information to get ideas for blog posts or other communication.
  • Tailor your online research to your specific needs and interest areas.

Training Objectives: What you will learn

  • A short overview of uses for Yahoo Pipes including strengths and weaknesses.
  • Using Yahoo Pipes to find and filter content.

Course Outline

Introduction to Yahoo Pipes

  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Basic elements of a Yahoo Pipe
  • Using the debugger

Filtering with Yahoo Pipes

  • Create a basic Yahoo pipe that filters on keywords and excludes content
  • Create a quick vanity feed to track mentions of your companies and products online using filtering as needed


  • Early Bird: $75
  • Late registration: $100
  • Students, freelancers, or unemployed can contact me to attend at a significant discount