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Fast Wonder Consulting focuses on helping companies and organizations build new online communities and participate in existing communities in a way that supports the overall strategies and business goals of the organization.  The consulting approach focuses on identifying the best way for you to participate while helping you navigate the complicated waters of unwritten rules and norms associated with online communities and social media sites. Fast Wonder Consulting specializes in open source and software development communities, but also has experience building many other types of communities. Consulting services include online community building, open source strategy, information monitoring, community metrics, content strategy, custom employee training sessions, and more.

Preferred Consulting Options

In all of these options, the number of hours per week and goals for the project will vary depending on the needs of the organization, but they will be determined at the start of the project.

  • Online Community Building: Dawn Foster will spend a specified number of hours per week, on-site if possible, working with your team to build a community or improve an existing community. Consulting may include community strategy and planning, community management, metrics and more. She will work closely with your team on all aspects of the project, including training and mentoring for employees.
  • Open Source Strategy and Planning:  This option is for companies who want to get more out of their work with open source projects. Consulting may include open source product strategy, product management, best practices for participation, training and mentoring of employees. The preferred approach is to work closely with your team for a specified number of hours per week, on-site if possible.

Other Consulting Packages

  • The Community Strategy and Planning Kickstart: This package is for companies wanting to create a new community or improve the engagement with an existing community, but who aren’t quite sure where to start. Fast Wonder will spend four to six hours with you (in one block or spread out over several sessions) to talk about your company strategy, business goals and ideas for your community. Approximately a week later, a high level implementation strategy and plan outline will be delivered that focuses on online community efforts that will support your business goals and company strategy. After receiving the strategy and plan outline, you can decide whether to engage Fast Wonder to assist with the initial implementation, or you can take the plan and complete the work in house.
  • Blogging Kickstart: Companies who need to create a company blog or revive a neglected blog can benefit from this package designed to put a focus on creating and maintaining a regular stream of great blog content that remains aligned with your corporate strategy and business plans. Fast Wonder will work with your key employees to come up with a content roadmap containing blog post topics and deadlines for a period of one month. During this month, Fast Wonder will provide coaching, writing help, encouragement and feedback to the company’s bloggers to get them started on the right track. This package also includes coaching for the person who will become responsible for maintaining the content roadmap after the completion of the one month consulting engagement.
  • Ongoing Community Planning and Implementation Assistance: Companies building a new community who need extended assistance with strategy, planning, implementation, configuration, training, and management can benefit from this service. Fast Wonder will help you through all aspects of the community building process from evaluating the coompany strategy to set the initial objectives all the way through the first months of the launch. You can engage with Fast Wonder for the entire community building process or for individual elements of the plan. This is a flexible package with as much or as little help as you need depending on the expertise of your staff.

Why Should I Hire Fast Wonder?

Dawn Foster is a consultant, community manager, event organizer, blogger, podcaster, technology enthusiast and business professional. She provides consulting services for companies wanting to engage with online communities and has more than 16 years of experience in business and technology with expertise in strategic planning, management, market research, social media, blogging, podcasting, rss, community building, and open source software. Dawn holds an MBA from Ashland University and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Kent State University. She most recently worked at Intel and Jive Software. She is also the author of the book Companies and Communities: Participating without being sleazy.

Learn more about Dawn Foster’s accomplishments or get a copy of her resume by visiting the about page.

What people say about Fast Wonder and Dawn Foster

  • ReadWriteWeb‘s Seven Social Media Consultants That Deliver Tangible Value: “Fast Wonder is quickly gathering value through work with bleeding edge projects like the pseudo-stealth location-based social network Shizzow.”
  • Non-profit client: “Your approach resonates with folks, and it was money well spent.”
  • Fortune 100 technology client: “I think it’s great. I love the Dr. Seuss interludes. Thanks again for a great presentation.”
  • Internet Marketing Strategy Firm: “I have reviewed your plan and I must say I am pleased with your work. Thanks again for all your hard work.”

Areas of Expertise

Online Community Building

  • Building a community around your products
  • Managing communities
  • Open source communities
  • Assistance with interviewing and hiring a community manager

Open Source

  • Open source community engagement
  • Open source business and product strategy and planning

Social Media

  • Blogging strategy and implementation guidance
  • Social networking presence (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Information Monitoring and Industry Intelligence

  • Using various RSS tools and Monitoring Dashboards to monitor what people are saying about you, your company, competitors, and the industry.

Training and Speaking

  • Customized training for employees on a variety of community engagement and social media topics.
  • Speaking engagements.

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Contact Information

The best way to contact Dawn Foster at Fast Wonder:

Fast Wonder LLC
4110 SE Hawthorne #131
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 308-8096