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I am apparently obsessed with Yahoo Pipes (again). Aaron Hockley just wished for a way to get a FriendFeed, but without all of the annoying Twitter posts that overwhelm the feed. At that point Todd Kenefsky walked by and said, “I bet you could do that with a Yahoo Pipe.” Obsession resumed … bedtime postponed.

I just had to oblige. Use this FriendFeed Minus Twitter Yahoo Pipe to get a nice little RSS feed of your FriendFeed without the million Tweets. Simply grab the RSS feed from your “friends” page, enter it into the box on the pipe, and grab the rss feed output :-)

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8 Responses to “FriendFeed Minus Twitter”

  • A neat little hack! I dig your previous post with the Reply Sniffer! Subscribed to your blog. Hope to read more good stuff like this.

  • Corvida, Thanks! I’ve been playing with Yahoo Pipes quite a bit, so I hope to do more of these. Glad you like them.

  • It might be easier to use the feature of friendfeed and remove one by one each twitter feed. it is more work, but you stay in the application.

    Rather than building around the tools, make them build a feature like with plaxo to remove all twitter feeds if you wish so – just as some others (like myself) have no interest in seeing amazon wishlists or feeds.

  • Nicole, Yeah, Jake Kuramoto suggested that, too. The pipe only took me about 5-10 minutes to create, so it seemed like a good way for me to do it. It also gives me a little more control and a good base to exclude other things in the future. Anyway, I had fun doing it, so it was time well spent :-)

  • Just what I needed! I was going to make a Yahoo pipe for this. Glad I searched for it first. Works like a charm. Thanks!

  • Gautam, Happy to help, and I’m glad that you found it useful.

  • Thanks dawn for a great mashup, but how could I remove my personal activity from the feed? I really don’t need to be reminded of what I did 30 minutes ago!

  • Rami,

    You should be able to click the plus sign in the filter box to add an additional rule to block. Make sure that you change the drop down from match all conditions to match “any” condition. In the new box, you should be able to filter by item.content and exclude anything coming from your stream by filtering out

    I hope this helps.


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